- Welcome to bad hair day -

bad hair dayは、ひねりを効かせたフェミニンなデザインにフォーカスした日本発のブランド。
2020年に姉妹によってbad hair day は設立されました。ブランドでは、お花やリボンなどのフェミニンなディテールを多用しています。



bad hair dayのコレクションはオンラインストアを中心に、百貨店でのポップアップストアで展開しています。また、他ブランドからのデザイン依頼を受け、別注アイテムの製作も行なっております。



“bad hair day” is a Japanese brand that focuses on feminine designs with a twist.

Founded by the sisters in 2020, “bad hair day” makes heavy use of feminine details such as flowers and ribbons. Because we want you to express yourself by wearing things that you think are kawaii.

The items, portraits, and graphics that our sisters express are all directed by ourselves. All of our items that use original beads are produced by hand, one by one.

The “bad hair day” collection is available mainly in online stores and pop-up stores in department stores. We also accept design requests from other brands and produce bespoke items.

Please enjoy our the view of the world!